Jikin Goldfish (Care Guide)

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The Jikin Goldfish is native to Japan and is of interest to fish scientists and fish tank owners. It has a unique X-shaped tail fin and red coloration. Its rareness outside of Japan makes it difficult to breed and maintain.

The care of this fish raises questions about breeding methods, environmental conditions, and genetic preservation. Studying these factors is important for the conservation and breeding of this rare goldfish type.

Jikin Goldfish Essentials

Jikin goldfish are known for their X-shaped tails and the desirable Twelve Points of Red color pattern, which breeders maintain through careful selection.

They can grow to 9 inches and live for more than 15 years with appropriate care.


Jikin goldfish are known for their unique X-shaped tail with four lobes, mainly white bodies, and specific red markings. These features make them popular among fish enthusiasts.

Photos of Jikin goldfish often highlight their ‘peacock tail,’ which spreads into an X-shape from above.

The breed follows the rokurin pattern, which includes red coloration at twelve particular points on their body: the lips, tail, back, lower side, front side, and rear fins, and the gill plates.

The careful placement of red against their white bodies exemplifies the results of selective breeding.


The Jikin goldfish can live over 15 years with proper care and nutrition. They are a type of Fancy goldfish and need careful maintenance of their environment. They can grow up to 9 inches and need sufficient space.

A suitable environment for a Jikin Goldfish includes weekly water changes of 30% to keep the water quality high and promote health. A balanced diet with quality goldfish pellets and fresh vegetables is crucial for their longevity. Jikin goldfish are not common outside of Japan and require experienced caretakers.

With the right care, they can be long-term companions.


Jikin goldfish can reach up to 9 inches in length when kept in a domestic aquarium. They are initially sold as small young ones but grow quickly, especially in the first few years.

Their distinctive features include a broad tail and vibrant scales, with the caudal fin spreading out as they mature. Jikin goldfish have a lifespan of over 15 years and require a large tank to accommodate their size.

They are rare outside Japan and difficult to rear, which makes them highly valued by serious aquarists.

Aquarium Setup Essentials

To maintain the health and lifespan of Jikin goldfish, it is essential to set up a suitable tank with the right equipment and decor. This setup must offer adequate space and a secure environment.

Proper lighting, water cleanliness, and a balanced diet are crucial for their upkeep.

Tank Size

An aquarium of at least 30 gallons is recommended for Jikin goldfish due to their need for space to swim and their long bodies. A larger tank helps maintain clean water and stable pH, which are crucial for goldfish health. A strong filtration system is important to handle the waste from goldfish, which eat and excrete a lot.

Suitable tank mates should not compete with Jikin goldfish for food or space. Ideally, a tank or pond should be dedicated to Jikin goldfish alone.

Weekly water changes are required to keep the environment clean and ensure the health and color of the fish.

Tank Equipment And Decorations

A spacious tank is the base for setting up a Jikin goldfish aquarium. It is important to choose the right equipment and decorations to ensure the health of the Jikin and to highlight their colors.

  • Use a strong filtration system for water cleanliness and a heater to keep the water at the correct temperature.
  • Select smooth decorations like flat stones and driftwood to avoid harming the Jikin’s fins.
  • Incorporate resilient plants such as Java Fern that tolerate goldfish grazing and contribute to the tank’s natural balance.

Around eight hours of daily light, similar to natural sunlight, is essential for the well-being of the fish and plants. Feed the goldfish a diet of pellets and live food to maintain their color vibrancy.

Health and Wellness

The health of Jikin goldfish is very important. They require careful attention to their care, including a diet that meets their specific needs, good water quality, and regular tank cleaning to prevent diseases and keep them healthy.

It’s important for fish keepers to understand and carry out these regular care practices. This will help create a good environment for this special type of goldfish.


A balanced diet is important for Jikin goldfish health and longevity. It should include high-quality commercial food and various live, frozen, or fresh foods. This diet reflects their natural omnivorous feeding patterns and ensures they get all the necessary nutrients.

  • Use high-quality pellets or flakes as the main food.
  • Add live or frozen bloodworms, daphnia, and tubifex worms.
  • Introduce fresh vegetables like peas and zucchini for fiber.

Jikin goldfish, which are not common, are suitable for experienced aquarists. They might be hard to find in local pet stores, which could make finding their food challenging.

Water Parameters

Maintaining proper water parameters is essential for the health of Jikin goldfish. Regularly checking and adjusting water conditions is important for their care. While Jikin Goldfish are easy to maintain, breeding them is challenging, so their habitat needs special attention. They are a protected species with special needs for their unique shape and biological functions. The table below lists the ideal water parameters for Jikin goldfish:

ParameterIdeal Range
pH6.5 – 7.5
Temperature65 – 72°F (18 – 22°C)
Nitrate Level< 20 ppm
Water ChangesWeekly

Maintaining these water conditions is crucial to prevent health problems and ensure a healthy aquarium for Jikin goldfish.

Tank Maintenance

Tank maintenance is essential for the health of Jikin goldfish. Their delicate fins require gentle handling during tank upkeep. It is necessary to change 30% of the water weekly to maintain low nitrate levels. Use an aquarium vacuum to remove waste without harming the Jikin or their scales.

Choose safe, smooth decorations to prevent injury and potential infections like Spot Disease. Live plants are beneficial for water quality and oxygen supply.

A balanced diet is important for fish health and can reduce the need for treatments such as plum application.

Common Diseases

Jikin goldfish enthusiasts often face diseases that affect their pets’ health. These diseases can harm the Jikin’s red points and x-shaped tail, features developed from Ryukin goldfish mutations. The rokurin pattern, a valued trait, is also at risk.

Frequent diseases are:

  • Ich (White Spot Disease): Causes small, white spots on the body and fins.
  • Fin Rot: Leads to fins fraying or decaying, which detracts from the Jikin’s appearance.
  • Swim Bladder Disorder: Results in swimming difficulties, impacting the goldfish’s buoyancy and movement.

Early detection and treatment are essential for the well-being of Jikin goldfish.

Personality Traits

Jikin Goldfish are known for their calm nature and are suited for community aquariums. They originate from Japan and are sociable, living well with different tank mates. Their calm and non-aggressive behavior makes them suitable for peaceful aquariums and they are often kept with other goldfish types, like Bristol Shubunkins.

These fish are notable for their ‘six red’ color pattern, with red markings on fins and tail that form an X shape from above. This coloration is the result of selective breeding over 87 years to preserve the breed’s standards.

Jikins are hardy and can adapt to different environments. They need large tanks and clean water for optimal health. With proper care, Jikins can live between 10 to 18 years. They are good for both new and experienced fish keepers due to their friendly nature and long lifespan.

What distinguishes Jikin Goldfish is their ability to coexist with other species without being territorial. Their unique appearance and personality make them popular in the ornamental fish community.

Compatible Tank Companions

Choosing the right tank mates for Jikin Goldfish is important for a peaceful aquarium. Jikins are calm and have a distinctive shape and tail. They come from Wakins and need similar care from their tank mates.

Key points for selecting tank mates include:

  • Water Conditions: Companions should require the same water conditions as Jikin goldfish, such as temperature and pH.
  • Behavior: They should be non-aggressive to prevent stress and harm to Jikin’s fins.
  • Size and Activity: They should be similar in size and not too active to avoid intimidating the Jikin or competing for food.

Good tank mates for Jikin goldfish are:

  • Other peaceful goldfish like Wakin, Ryukin, Ranchu, and Tosakin.
  • Gentle bottom feeders like weather loaches or small catfish.
  • Invertebrates like nerite or mystery snails and some shrimp types, such as Amano or cherry shrimp.

Avoid aggressive or fin-nipping fish like cichlids and barbs. Selecting the right tank mates ensures a peaceful aquarium for Jikin goldfish.

Reproduction Techniques

Aquarists use specialized methods to breed Jikin goldfish. They set up a breeding tank with fine-leaved plants for egg attachment. The water temperature is increased to start the breeding season and encourage spawning. After spawning, adult fish are removed to protect the eggs. The eggs are then placed in an incubation tank with aeration to supply oxygen and prevent fungus.

The hatchlings are fed with fine or liquid food, and the water is regularly changed to maintain quality. Selective breeding is key for Jikin goldfish, aiming for specific color and fin patterns. Breeders select for the rokurin pattern and X-shaped tails with great care. This is essential for achieving the desired appearance and health of the fish.

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